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The Handmade Process : between garage & factory. (Part 1)

  Somewhere between the shiny-moulded-mass-produced-plastic-wrapped slick- corporate-wares and made-it-in-my-garage-in-under-an-hour-sorry-about-the-paint-splatter, is the sweet spot for handmade goods. Finding that spot is not easy. You want your handmade goods to look.... er well.....handmade, but with a standard of fit and finish that mass produced items don't possess. From concept to build creating a handmade item takes time and persistence.

  The initial design phase allows you to be creative, without concern for either time or cost, this is the fun stage when you can play and do all the things that attracted you to this process in the first place. There are no mistakes at this point, throw it all at the wall and see what sticks....have a laugh...then bury some it in the yard by moonlight.

  The second stage is about refining the process and correcting any aesthetic choices. These two steps can, at times, be very much at odds; the steps required to streamline the process and minimize labour, while simultaneously attempting to improve the fit and finish, can create an entirely separate and 'third' way of building the item. This can either result in wonderful surprises you would not have discovered otherwise, or a return to the drawing board. This tension between efficiency and creativity must be allowed to sort itself out, you are merely the vehicle. Not to get too metaphysical about it, but, forcing your vision on the work can actually be counterproductive at times. The RND Shop was previously a design and build company and when all the design and planning was done we found letting go of the plan and using it as a guideline, but letting the day to day challenges inform us created, by far, the superior results. You can of course adhere to your original plans, step by step, however in our experience a layer of subtleties is always lost by not paying attention to what the process is telling you.


Jamie & Laura

The RND Shop

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