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Handmade markets: It's as much about the 'How' as the 'What'.

handmade production  With the increasing popularity of the handmade market consumers have shown a real preference for goods created by individuals or small home based businesses. The attraction is not only in the originality of the wares, but in supporting the resurgence of a viable production-based economy. We can trace this back to the 100 mile diet / locavore / farm to table movements in the food industry. While they may not have been the first, they certainly brought a consciousness to consumer spending that had evaporated through much of the 80's & 90's.  

  Taking out the multiple layers of middle-folks who's sole intent is to drive profit and have no involvement in either the 'what' or the 'how', that is, until after the fact. Mostly it has to do with intent. If your primary intent is to make money that will guide all your choices, both large and small. Outsourcing labour, the quality of your wares, originality, creativity, will all be a secondary consideration to making profit. With the handmade market, if the intent is not originality and quality it becomes immediately apparent. The financial restrictions involved in low volume production also forces one to be considered in material and labour choices, waste being the enemy of success. Small scale production tends to prohibit shipping product materials from all over the globe, then shipping to an assembly facility, then to a 'holding' depot,  and finally shipping the product to the customer. Streamlined production and local sourcing of materials are a positive byproduct of the handmade market and should be lauded, heavily.

  The RND shop is excited to scale up our business, while staying within this handmade market 'how' ethos, providing original, quality items. 


Jamie & Laura.

The RND Shop



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