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Why I create.

Why I create.
As a child, I believe, I was always quiet and shy. Even today, I am still that child, a quiet person. I love my solitude. It is hard to come by on a regular basis but my mind needs it. Without it, I am anxious, sad and a little angry. All that goes on in the world that I have no control over, things I do but don’t handle well all need a resolution in my mind. Resolution comes from being mindful and quiet. For me that is. My brain starts with all the ugly thoughts I have. As those thoughts lose their power then I begin to be in the present. This happens when I create. The process is usually the same so I can always take comfort in that. I know it is hard to sit still and engage but once I get past the uncomfortable, settling in part, it is pure heaven. For me that is. As I relax and just enjoy creating all my problems I thought I had, take care of themselves. It is a simple, logical way to be. For me that is.

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