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Merrickville's Makers Market

Four Annual Shows showcasing the best that Merrickville has to offer. Brought to you by The RND Shop.
Merrickville"s Winter Makers Market held in February
Merrickville's The ART of Dressing Makers Market held in May
Merrickville"s Living Spaces Makers Market held in October
Merrickville's Christmas Makers Market held in December
Merrickville"s Living Spaces Makers Market
coming Saturday October 7th 2017
at 106 Read Street Merrickville
Noon to 6pm
Merrickville’s Living Spaces Makers Market Event

Eclectic living
We’ve gone through many decades of trends and now is a more prevalent time to make your own personal style of living spaces. Some of us work, play, teach, entertain and vacation in our homes. It has become more important than ever to have a space to be yourself and to enjoy our precious time away from our jobs. Creating that perfect “you” space can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be as long as you follow ONE rule: buy, repurpose, or make, only what you love. Let us show you how at our Merrickville’s Living Spaces Makers Market Event. We’ve invited some of our favourite makers and reclamation specialists, as well as some antique and vintage dealers, together to create 14 living spaces. All unique and filled with things you’ll love. We have furniture, lights, rugs, curtains, art, sculpture, pottery, textile and wood vessels, blankets, woollens, savoury and sweet treats with a spot of tea, and so much more.

Fall is a time to reflect indoors and create an oasis to help you through the cold months ahead. Give yourself a living space that you look forward to spending time in doing what you love. You will be amazed how fast spring comes.
Merrickville"s The ART of Dressing Makers Market

The ART of Dressing 2017 was a huge success. Thank you to all the makers who joined the challenge, the models, Stephen Fuller, Sugar Belle Bake Shoppe and our wonderful guests.